What’s the first thing to consider when you put together a kilt outfit? The tartan, of course! There’s no wrong way to choose a tartan. Your selection can be based on family heritage, clan history, your profession, the region your family hails from -- even simply your favorite color.

How do I find my family tartan?

The USA Kilts Tartan Gallery displays every stock tartan plaid from every weaving mill in Scotland, England and Wales. You will see lots of beautiful options for your family tartan, Scottish clan tartan, Irish clan tartan, Irish county tartan, Welsh tartan and more.

How to Use the Tartan and Clan Galleries

In each gallery, you will find a search bar. You can enter a Clan name, family name, district, Irish county or any other search term. You can also search the tartans alphabetically. If you don’t get a “hit” the first time, try different spellings of the name or a different name from within your genealogy.

Search results will include all available variants of the tartan including Modern, Ancient, Weathered, Muted, Hunting, and Dress as well as any unusual versions such as “Old Colors” or “1842 Variant” tartans.

- For kilting weight tartan wool cloth, visit the 13-16oz Wool Gallery. Here you will find the fabric used for most men’s traditional kilts.

- For women’s garments, look in the 11oz Wool Gallery for lighter, softer tartans.

- For light-weight kilts (Casual Kilt, Semi-Traditional Kilt, kids kilt), check out the pv cloth in our PV Tartan Gallery.

- For Clan Crests products (kilt pins, cap badges, etc), visit our Clan Crest gallery.

What if I can’t find the exact tartan I want?

Some families and clans actually do not have their own tartans. In those instances, there are dozens of universal tartans to choose from. Some tartans listed in the Scottish Registry of Tartans are not currently being woven. However, USA Kilts can often still source rare or obscure tartans. And if a special tartan is not in production, we can have it custom-woven for you.

For assistance finding your tartan, or to discuss a custom tartan or custom weave, please write us: [email protected] or call 1-800-368-8633.