America 250

E Pluribus Unum
E Pluribus UnumE Pluribus Unum

Available July, 2024

Grand Canyon
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon

Coming Sept, 2024

Pacific Northwest
Pacific NorthwestPacific Northwest

Coming Nov, 2024


Coming Jan, 2025

Open Road
Open RoadOpen Road

Coming March, 2025

Leave No Trace
Leave No TraceLeave No Trace

Coming May, 2025

County Fair
County FairCounty Fair

Coming July, 2025

American Worker
American WorkerAmerican Worker

Coming Sept, 2025

Amber Waves
Amber WavesAmber Waves

Coming Nov, 2025

America 250
America 250America 250

Coming January, 2026

Purple Mountain Majesty
Purple Moutain MajestyPurple Moutain Majesty

Coming March, 2026

Surf & Sand
Surf & SandSurf & Sand

Coming May, 2026

Melting Pot
Melting PotMelting Pot

Coming July, 2026

As America’s 250th anniversary approaches, we asked ourselves:  How do you express the spirit of America? Through art. In our case, tartan. But you can’t really capture the scope of the American spirit in a single design, so we created thirteen! Our America 250 Collection is an homage to all the positive things about America and what it's like to live the American experience. These unique and original tartan designs use color and line to celebrate our awe-inspiring landscapes, our heroes, our ideals and our people.


We will release a new tartan every two months leading up to the American semiquincentennial on July 4th, 2026. America 250 is our most ambitious project to date. Join us as we celebrate the things that make America unlike any other country on earth!