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USA Kilts “Casual” vs. Sportkilt “Original”
A comparison guide

USA Kilts Casual - Front
Sportkilt Original - Front



  USA Kilts "Casual" model Sportkilt "Original" model
Amount of cloth in a 42" waist kilt 4.75 Yards 3.75 Yards
Elastic in waist (causes "bunching") No Yes
Taper waist to hips Yes No
Cloth Weight 12 oz 11 oz
Anti Pill Fiber Technology (avoids little "bumps" on cloth) Yes No
Cloth Teflon coated (to resist stains) Yes No
Number of pleats 18 15
Cost for a size 42" Waist $120 $79.95
Custom waist measurement Yes No (Not Available)
Custom length measurement Yes No ($10 - $20 Additional)
Belt loops Yes No ($12 Additional)
Sewn down pleats (distance from waist to hip) Yes No ($12 Additional)
Closure Velcro Velcro
Full width front apron Yes No
Country of manufacture of kilt USA USA
Country of origin of other products USA, UK, & Ireland ONLY Includes: Pakistan, US



USA Kilts Casual - Pleats
Sportkilt Original - Pleats


We offer our Causal Kilt in both fully custom with over 100 tartan choices and “Off The Peg” and ready to ship in several popular tartans.




Testimonials from our customers

“This was my first kilt purchase and I was a bit intimidated. I had seen several kilts online that were more expensive, but being my first one I wanted to watch my budget. I paid for the rush delivery and it came super quick. I was so excited to try it on. Perfect fit! The material is really nice and sturdy too. Workmanship is excellent. I simply can't say enough good things about it.” – Jerry M.


We've bought two kilts now from USA Kilts and the quality and customer service is top notch.  HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!”  - Terri McNutt


We bought this kilt for my youngest daughter’s wedding. It fits perfectly. With the quality of this kilt, and the fact it was made in the USA makes me feel like I should have paid much more.” – Dan O’Neil


“Ordering was easy, quality was better than expected, and craftsmanship was very impressive. Besides all that, delivery was rushed as requested and I received my item on time. Thank you USA Kilts.  I am sure to be a repeat happy customer! “  - Dale Bowman


“I have five (or is it six?) of USA Kilts casual kilts, the oldest being four years old. All have held up incredibly well and look great after repeated washings, and the pleats stay crisp. Even the velcro is still in good shape, which is what I thought would be the first part to go. An amazing value for the price.” – Matt Ryan



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