Kilted Skirt

Waist (A or B)

First, determine where you would like the top of the kilted skirt to sit. It can be worn either at the "high waist" (around your naval... "A" in the diagram above) or "low waist" (where you wear your jeans... "B" in the diagram above). If you want to wear it at the "high waist", measure around your belly button. If you want to wear it at your "low waist" (at the height you wear your jeans), measure at that level. Please pick one or the other. That will be where the top of your kilted skirt will sit.



This measurement is taken around the very widest part of your rear end. This measurement should be taken a bit loosely.



Standing with feet about 8" to 10" apart, measure around the widest area of your thighs. Measure around both thighs, not individually.



This is measured down the side of your body from the top of where the kilt will sit (i.e. at the height where you measured your waist) straight down to about mid calf. The preferred length is VERY subjective and can be anywhere from 2 or 3 inches below the knee to almost ankle length.



If you need assistance measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us: 800.368.8633 or [email protected]

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