American Dream Lambswool Scarf

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American Dream Tartan Lambswool Scarf
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Show off your American pride while keeping your neck warm! As we approach America’s Semiquincentennial anniversary, we reflect on what makes this nation good. Over the last 250 years, why have so many people come to THIS place in search of a better life? Since our founding in 1776, America has held out a promise to the world… an ideal we are guided by to this day: The American Dream. These simple words encapsulate a concept rooted in optimism…and hope. The idea that no matter your ethnicity, your race, your religion, there’s a place dedicated to allowing you to work for a better life. A place where your talents and your determination can shape your future. That no one has the right to put up roadblocks to stop you. Self-determination. Personal freedom. Hope. That is the “lamp beside the golden door” that attracted our immigrant ancestors to America and continues to attract people from all over the world.


We wanted to design a tartan to celebrate THAT America. For our new American Dream tartan, we started with 76 blue threads to memorialize 1776. Then we added 13 red stripes - one for each original colony. And finally, in the center of the blue field, you’ll see a gold stripe. Our nod to the 'golden door' watched over by Lady Liberty. All together, we feel we’ve created a rich and beautiful design. A tartan any proud American can enjoy.


This tartan was designed by Rocky (aka William) Roeger, USA Kilts, 2022. The name "American Dream Tartan" and the tartan pattern itself are both ©2022 by William Roeger, USA Kilts. This tartan is ONLY available through USA Kilts and may not be reproduced anywhere without the expressed written consent of USA Kilts.

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