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Authentic highland style “ghillie” shirt with full sleeves and laced neck opening. Great for whenever you want to get your Rob Roy on. Made in Scotland.
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Our Highland Shirt, also known as a Ghillie Shirt or Jacobite Shirt, is made from a soft but strong cotton and features the "traditional" grommeted neck opening with leather laces. The Highland shirt was invented sometime in the early to mid- twentieth century as an approximation of an 18th or early 19th century work shirt. This is where the name "ghillie shirt" comes from as ghillies were outdoorsmen, hunting guides and workers. The shirt emblemizes the spirit of the rustic Highlander - his freedom and power. it is important to note that the grommets and leather thing are NOT historical to the time of the Highlanders, though they are similar to how 18th century shirts closed. Basically someone decided tis looked dashing - especially in the movies or at festivals and it stuck. We like to think of it as a "modern traditional shirt".


These shirts are a soft, but strong cotton.  Whatever size t-shirt you would normally buy, buy the same size highland shirt.  The sizes of these shirts run about "true to size", but they don't stretch since they're woven, so if you're between sizes or want a bit more room, order the next size up.  

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