Things to consider...

To most of our customers, purchasing a kilt is not a small investment.  It may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of information to process.  In fact, to many people, the research invested in which kilt to purchase can be pretty intense.  We understand this and truly believe that an informed consumer makes for a happy USA Kilts customer.  Accordingly, we want to make sure our customers understand all of their options and really know what to expect from our kilts before they purchase one. 


The following are some questions and thoughts that any potential kilt buyer should ask themselves before deciding which kilt to purchase.  The answers will help to ensure a lifetime enjoyment of your kilt.

1.  Where are you going to wear your kilt? 

Will the kilt be for formal wear like weddings and special occasions?  Will your kilt be strictly for festivals and pubs?  Would you like to be able to wear 1 kilt for all scenarios?


If you only plan on wearing your kilt casually to festivals, fairs, or to the pub, then you will be happy with any of the kilts we offer as they are all suited for any of these events.  If you plan on wearing your kilt to more formal functions, you should consider our wool kilts if your budget allows.  It’s easy to dress a formal kilt down with a t-shirt and boots, but it’s more difficult to dress a casual kilt up.

2.  What kind of climate do you live in and what season(s) is your kilt going to get the most wear?

If you’re purchasing a wool kilt, you may have options in the material weight (depending on the tartan you choose).  Certain companies try to steer customers toward one weight wool or another.  Some believe you ‘must get 16 oz wool’ and others think that 16 oz wool is ‘way too heavy’.  You won’t find us giving any blanket statements about what weight of wool is best for everyone.  Each customer is different, lives in different climates and has different preferences.  You should be treated as the individual you are.


If you live in the southern USA and are looking for a Premier 8 Yard Kilt, you might prefer a 13 oz wool kilt for year round wear.  An 8 yard 16 oz wool kilt might be a bit warm in the summer.  However, a 16 oz 5 Yard Wool kilt would be fine (less material = not quite as warm).  If you live in Canada, a 13 oz 5 yard wool kilt may be a bit cold in winter…  I’d suggest moving up to a 16 oz 5 Yard Wool kilt or a Premier 8 yard kilt, if your budget allows. 

3.  Will you feel the same way years later? 

I’ll give you an example… Let’s assume you’re buying a kilt for your wedding.  If you purchase a USA Casual Kilt for a formal wedding, you may look back on your wedding photos years from now and wish you had upgraded to a Semi Traditional, 5 yard wool or Premier kilt.  That being said, if you are going to have a very casual wedding, you may be very happy with the Casual Kilt.  Bottom line:  think about the “long term”, not just your short term budget (although that should obviously be a concern as well). 

4.  It’s always easier to dress a nicer kilt down than it is to dress a more casual kilt up.

You can wear a Premier 8 yard wool kilt with a Prince Charlie jacket and vest and go to a black tie affair.  You can also wear it with a t-shirt and boots to the mall.  If you have a Casual Kilt, you can easily wear it with boots and a t-shirt, but would have problems trying to make it work for a formal function.


5.  Buy the nicest kilt you can afford.  

We’re not trying to be ‘salesmen’ and have people take out a second mortgage on their home to afford a kilt.  We know what it means to be on a budget… that’s the whole reason we offer different price points on our kilts.  What we are saying is that it’s not often you look back on an expensive purchase (one you’ve researched and contemplated) and said to yourself, “I should have bought the cheaper one”.  Regrettably, we can think of more than one time we’ve thought to ourselves after making a purchase, “I should have spent the extra money and bought the nicer one”.  Make sure you’re happy with the model kilt you decide to purchase.


6.  A kilt is a classic garment for men that will never go out of style.

Unlike bellbottoms and the polyester leisure suit, you won’t see kilts in thrift stores.  That’s because a properly made kilt can be handed down as an heirloom garment.


If you take a few moments to answer these questions honestly and really think about the points raised here, you will find that you will be happiest with your kilt decision.  You may already know exactly what you want and these points won’t change your mind.  That’s perfect!  You’ve obviously thought about your decision already! 


Our ultimate goal is for you to be happy with the decision you make and the kilt you receive.  If we can help talk you through this process, if you have any more questions or if you’d like to bounce your thoughts and ideas off of us, we will be glad to help you make the right decision for your “look” and your budget.


Rocky Roeger & Kelly Stewart-Roeger
Owners, Kiltmakers & Kilt WEARERS