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Irish Day Sporran


Ships in 24 Hours

Celtic Artisan Guarantee

We guarantee that every highland wear product USA Kilts sells is proudly made in America, Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. By purchasing this product, you are supporting skilled Celtic artisans. Your choice honors the heritage you embrace and preserves it for future generations.

Please measure your waist with a tape measure (a bit loosely). Do NOT give us your pants size.

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  • Product Description

    In highland wear, Irish customers often get the short end of the shillelagh with a bright green shamrock slapped on a Scottish sporran.  At USA Kilts, we wanted to change that.  We designed a range of sporrans, from the ground up, with the Irish market in mind.  

    Our Irish Day Sporran is a USA Kilts exclusive design.  The top flap is embossed with our knotwork claddagh design and 6 studs.  This sporran flap has cutaways in the leather to show off the hand dyed dark green leather underneath.  But the details don't stop there!  The bells on this sporran were cast from high quality pewter with 3 raised harp designs on each one.  It also features our internal pocket for business cards and loose change and comes with a sporran chain (adjustable length) to fit the waist measurement provided.  This studded Irish day sporran is made by Celtic artisans and is a great value for the money. 

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  • Measuring Instructions

    The waist measurement needed is the actual waist measurement, not your pants size.  Typically, your pants will be 2 to 4 inches smaller than your actual measured waist.

  • Reviews

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    Sporran   Danny
    Sporran is great for day and evening out. Will wear for the first time with my kilt , grandfather shirt, and belt . Grandson's wedding dress rehearsal will be an experience for me. My son said that it's so cool! (Posted on 6/3/2021)
    Lovely for a lady, as well as a man  Irish Princess
    I am a woman, I do have a lot of Scots in my family, but I'm hugely involved with my Irish heritage. I wanted a sporran to wear on my belt that I have with my costume, or my kilts and stuff that I wear to the Highland Games. My husband actually pointed this out, as it was an Irish design, with a Claddagh, harps on the metal part of the tassels Etc. As soon as I saw it I I had to have it. The construction is Top Notch, the colors, the design, the practical utility of it, everything was just great. If you want a way to show your Irish heritage in a sporran, I would not hesitate to tell anyone to buy this. And of course, there is nothing that we have ever bought from USA Kilts that has not been absolutely First Quality Standard, customer service is always excellent, this arrived quickly, I am extremely pleased. (Posted on 9/28/2020)
    Irish Pride   Eugene
    This day sporran is great for showing your Irish pride. It's much better than just an overlaid, stuck on shamrock. The bells are solid and have 3 harps on them. I especially like the added inside bank card/ID Card pocket. It makes it easier to access the important stuff instead of digging through everything. (Posted on 2/28/2019)
    excellent   Charlie
    It was then I hope for, the grade of leather is good and worth a lot more. (Posted on 2/14/2019)
    My first sporran  Robert
    I wanted a sporran that would be versatile, this one is. I’m not Irish but I do like Irish whiskey. So it seems to fit the bill. Sizing? There’s a lot of leeway if I gain some weight it’s going to work if I lose some weight it’ll still fit me. Good quality leather, good craftsmanship, I’ll buy another someday. (Posted on 8/13/2018)
    Well-Made  STL_303
    Love this sporran and the design - hopefully it will help differentiate to people that I'm mostly Irish and not Scottish!
    The best part about this sporran is that they get the attachment point at the back correct - up high so that it hangs properly flat. Almost every other sporran I've purchased have the chain attachments almost at the middle, which makes the sporran want to cant inward at the bottom, if not hang balanced completely horizontally. These mid-attached sporrans cause a very unflattering look if you have any sort pf belly.
    this one though, hangs nice and vertical and helps distract from that beer gut!
    I do have to use hangars instead of a chain however. I ordered my true waist size and the included chain still seems quite snug even at the longest setting. (Posted on 8/13/2018)
    Sporran  John
    I love this product. It looks great and is a great addition to the whole look (Posted on 11/4/2016)

    7 Item(s)

    per page

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  • Buyers Guide

  • Product Specs

    - Made in Scotland

    - 100% Leather

    - Measures 8" high X 7" wide X 2.75" deep

  • Fun Facts

    The Sporran (Gaelic for "purse" or “Pouch”, pronounced /Spor' en/) is a pouch that performs the same function as pocket on the kilt. It's where the kilt wearer stores their keys, wallet, etc. The sporran hangs a few inches below the belt buckle (typically 3”), directly over the wearer's 'manhood'. 


    Made of leather or fur (or a mixture of the 2), the ornamentation of the sporran is determined by the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, or in the case of larger men, from 'sporran hangers' which suspend it from the belt. It is essentially a survival of the common European medieval belt-pouch, superseded elsewhere as clothing came to have pockets, but continuing in the Scottish Highlands because of the lack of these accessories in traditional dress.


    There are several types of sporrans. Day Sporrans, Semi Dress Sporrans and Dress Sporran are the most common styles. There are also other styles, including Hunting Sporrans, Full Mask (aka Head On) Sporrans and Horsehair Sporrans.


    Day sporrans are typically worn casually, during the day (before 6 PM). They are made from all leather and have a flap on the top. They are typically “D”shaped with the flat part at the top.


    Dress Sporrans are typically worn formally (after 6 and for formal events like weddings). They are made from fur (Bovine is most common in the US) and have tassels on the front and have a metal cantle (semi circle of decorated metal at the top) on top. They are typically oval shaped and open in a “V” from the top.


    Semi Dress sporrans are a cross between the Dress sporran and the Day sporran. They are half leather (the flap that closes the top) and half fur (the front 'face' of the sporran). Typically they have 3 (and sometimes 2) tassels on the front. They are typically “D” shaped with the flat part at the top. While some consider them to be “a jack of all trades, master of none”, they can be worn to both formal and casual events.


    Hunting sporrans are a full leather sporran with no tassels on the front. They are preferred by many pipe bands for the lack of 'drumming' done while walking (no tassels = no drumming). While it's not clear where they acquired the name “Hunting Sporran”, it is generally accepted term that is meant to differentiate them from the typical “day sporran”. 


    Full Mask sporrans are the fur sporrans which have the head stuffed and mounted on the flap. They can be worn formally and casually, though due to the price, most are reserved for formal occasions.


    Horse Hair sporrans are most typically worn by pipe bands with a 'military' look. While they have been worn by civilians in years past (1800's), current fashion is to relegate them to pipe bands and military personnel. 

  • Availability

    This sporran is a stock item available for immediate shipment. In the rare instance that we're caught between shipments, we will let you know within 24 hours.

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What Makes a Sporran Irish? What Irish Symbolism Can You See in Sporrans?

After choosing your tartan, the most important decision you will make when crafting your kilt outfit is the sporran. In time, you will probably have more than one sporran - usually a basic day sporran for "beating around in" and a nicer one for special occasions - usually a Dress Sporran, Semi-Dress or Hunting Sporran. Sporran designs cover a huge variety - some simple and elegant, some highly detailed and intricate.

A good sporran will last many many years, so it's good to take your time choosing and find a sporran that really speaks to you. When it comes to Irish sporrans, you will find several designs that incorporate popular Irish symbols and motifs. These include the Claddagh, the Shamrock, the Irish Harp (also called the Brian Boru Harp). You will also find beautiful Celtic knotwork and sometimes Celtic Cross designs. For instance, our own Book of Kells Dress Sporran takes inspiration from that famous and awe-inspiring piece of Irish art. 

When it comes to pelts, you can choose just about anything. However, we are especially keen on using a classic bovine pelt for an Irish Dress Sporran or Semi-Dress Sporran. Why? Even though it is not a very "exotic" fur, bovine has cultural significance for the Irish which goes back into the mists of ancient history. it even extends beyond Ireland to the ancient Celtic Cultural Complex in Europe from which much of what we consider to be Irish culture and myth evolved.

Namely, cows were a sign of wealth and power to the ancient Celts. Cattle was money, hence cattle raiding (or cattle reiving ass the Gaelic Scots would call it) being an important tribal and clan activity. More so, the bull was a power animal - possessing strength, massive size and virility. Other animals important to Irish culture include the Red Deer, the now extinct Irish Elk, the Hare and the cunning Fox. So your choices for sporran furs is quite wide! Think about what you like, what inspires you, and what would make for good conversation at parties. Your kilt outfit will ALWAYS be a great ice breaker, after all!

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