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The tartan of your an elegant timeless design that is easy to wear! Our custom-fit, genuine tartan wool maxi-kilt is unique and exclusive to USA Kilts!
Custom: 6 to 10 Weeks
Not Returnable
Celtic Artisan Guarantee

We are so proud of this unique and exclusive design! This elegant “A-line” kilt combines the tradition of a kilted skirt with the elegant, easy-to-wear lines of an A-line skirt. We make it in 13 oz tartan to get that perfect drape and swish (Extra benefit - you can easily match a partner’s kilt). This kilt is contemporary yet absolutely timeless - perfect for so many looks, styles and occasions! We are sure it will become your favorite skirt.


13 oz 100% wool tartan cloth from the mill of your choice

Custom-made to your measurements (of course)

2 Leather straps with buckles on the right side

Hidden Velcro closure on the left waist

Front apron darts

5-6" Fell (sewn-down portion of rear pleats)

Available in 25-30” length

NOTE: We would ask that you measure carefully for our kilts. Since these are custom made to fit the measurements provided, you will need to be sure of the exact sizing. We will not refund in the case of mistakes in measuring. Detailed measuring instructions can be found in the "Measuring Instructions" tab below this text and a video on how to measure can be found on our YouTube channel.

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Low Waist

Our mini kilt is designed to be worn at "low waist" (where you wear your jeans). This is where the top of your kilt will sit. 


However with the maxi kilt, you may wear it at either the high waist or the low, just be sure you measure for the location that you intend to wear it!


Make sure to use a good sewing tape measure. If you don't have a sewing tape measure, you can use a leather belt to measure. Wrap it around you, mark it and then lay it flat on a metal tape measure to get the measurement.


Just relax and stand "at ease". When measuring, the tape measure should be snug – as snug as you will be wearing the kilt. Use that measurement for the waist.



This measurement is taken around the very widest part of your rear end. This measurement should be taken a bit loosely.



Standing with feet about 8" to 10" apart, measure around the widest area of your thighs. Measure both thighs together, not individually.  



This is measured down the side of your body from the top of where the kilt will sit (consider whether you'll be wearing it at the "high waist" or the "low waist") straight down to your desired length. Your length is entirely based on personal preference. Many women wear their maxi kilts down to somwehere between the bottom of the knee to the middle of the calf, but make it your own style! 


If you aren't seeing your desired length in the dropdown menu, consider checking out our midi kilt, or even mini kilt, product page. 



If you need assistance measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us: 800.368.8633 or [email protected]