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Custom-fit fashion for Irish and Scottish lasses, or any lady with Celtic fire! Perfect for festivals or the pub.
Custom: 9 to 13 Weeks
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Celtic Artisan Guarantee

The USA Kilts "PV Mini Kilt" is Kelly’s creation. She wanted to make a modern fashionable tartan kilt for women, while keeping some of the aspects of a traditional kilt.  We have roughly 70 PV (Poly Viscose material) tartans available.  The Poly Viscose (65% / 35%) tartan material we use is an 11 - 12 oz. machine washable fabric. It is woven in the U.K. and has a combination of Low Pill™ technology and a Teflon® finish applied. This means that you won't get those little "pills" that form on fabric over months of wear and that even if you spill something on your kilt, it's easily wiped off.

The mini kilts are worn lower on the hips and have between 10 and 24 pleats (approximately 1.25" wide). They are shorter than a man’s kilt with an average length of 16 inches from the 'jeans waist'. They close with Velcro on the inside left hip and 2 straps and buckles on the outside right hip.

While there are no real rules about what tartans people are entitled to wear, if you are more comfortable wearing a universal tartan that was specifically designed for everyone, we’ve marked them as "Universal" in the tartan gallery.  To see the available tartans, please click on the "Tartans" tab below this text.

We would ask that you measure carefully for our kilts.  Since these are custom made to fit the measurements provided, you will need to be sure of the exact sizing. We will not refund in the case of mistakes in measuring.  Detailed measuring instructions can be found in the "Measuring Instructions" tab below this text and a video on how to measure can be found in the "Videos" tab directly below the main product picture.

At USA Kilts, we will gladly tell you that all of our products are made in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and the USA. All of our kilts are made to the highest standards in the USA (by our staff) with materials from Scotland, England and Wales. We proudly support fair trade practices and promote Celtic traditions by offering products made in Celtic countries by Celtic artisans.

That's our Celtic Artisan Guarantee. Read more about our guarantee here

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Low Waist

Our mini kilt is designed to be worn at "low waist" (where you wear your jeans). This is where the top of your kilt will sit. 


Make sure to use a good sewing tape measure. If you don't have a sewing tape measure, you can use a leather belt to measure. Wrap it around you, mark it and then lay it flat on a metal tape measure to get the measurement.


Just relax and stand "at ease". When measuring, the tape measure should be snug – as snug as you will be wearing the kilt. Use that measurement for the waist.



This measurement is taken around the very widest part of your rear end. This measurement should be taken a bit loosely.



Standing with feet about 8" to 10" apart, measure around the widest area of your thighs. Measure both thighs together, not individually.  



This is measured down the side of your body from the top of where the kilt will sit (i.e. top of your jeans) straight down to about 3" above the knee. 15" is an average length for a 5' 4" woman, wearing the kilt at her low waist). Any measurement shorter than this may be a bit "revealing" when you bend at the waist! As a reference point, here are some heights and mini kilt lengths:


If you're 4' 8" to 5' 2", the length will be about 14" to 15.5.
If you're 5' 3" to 5' 6", the length will be about 15" to 16.5".
If you're 5' 7" to 5' 9", the length will be about 16" to 17".
If you're 5' 10"; to 6', the length will be about 17" to 18.5".



If you need assistance measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us: 800.368.8633 or [email protected]

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