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Piper Flex Jacket & Vest Piper Flex Jacket flexes up to 2" Piper Flex Jacket & Vest Dapper looking piper Back of Piper Flex Jacket Piper Flex Outfit
Piper Flex Outfit
Piper Flex Outfit
Piper Flex Outfit

Piper Flex Jacket


Custom: 9 to 13 Weeks

Celtic Artisan Guarantee

We guarantee that every highland wear product USA Kilts sells is proudly made in America, Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. By purchasing this product, you are supporting skilled Celtic artisans. Your choice honors the heritage you embrace and preserves it for future generations.

- This jacket runs 1 size small.  Example:  If you normally wear a 44 Reg, order a 46 Reg.  



These jackets are made in the UK and are slim fitting. They tend to run one size SMALLER than your American suit size.

Example: If you normally take a 44 Reg, order a 46 Reg.


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  • Product Description

    The Piper Flex(tm) Argyll jacket is a truly groundbreaking design. Through a few simple changes to a standard Argyll jacket, this design greatly increases a piper's comfort level while playing.

    -   The Cloth: The material used in the back 2 panels of the jacket is a Wool / Lycra BLENDED fabric, which allows for a bit of stretch in the cloth. While NO color variation can be detected between the 2 fabrics, the back of the jacket will actually flex up to 2" to allow better range of motion for pipers.

    -   The Closure:  This jacket has a 2 button and chain configuration, not the standard 1 button closure on an Argyll. When the arm is raised in the piping position, the chain allows a slight bit of 'give' to the front of the jacket (where a standard Argyll would either be tightly closed or be open and hanging).

    -   The Arm Holes:  The bottom of the arm hole for the jacket is sewn a slightly more snug to the armpit, allowing the arm to be raised comfortably, without the shoulder of the jacket pushing up from the shoulder.

    -   The Back Width:  The width of the back measurement is increased by 1 inch to allow a bit more freedom of movement when the arms are positioned in front of the body.

    These 4 small innovations make a world of difference for the piper looking for the ultimate jacket to maintain a professional appearance. As this jacket is custom made at our tailor's in Glasgow, please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

  • Tartans

  • Tweeds

  • Measuring Instructions

    STOCK Size measuring instructions:

    The vast majority of our customers fit into a jacket that is a stock size (i.e. 44 Reg or 48 Long).  To figure out which size will fit you best, follow the instructions below.

    Chest Size

    This measurement is best taken using a cloth tape measure, while wearing a t-shirt.

    Lift up your arms and wrap the tape measure around your chest at the widest point (you can then put your arms down).

    Breathe "normally" and don't over inflate or exhale too much.

    Take the measurement (not snug) at the widest part of your chest.

    Add 2" to 3" to that number to reach the next "even" number up. Example: If you measure 43 to 44, you would order a size 46. If you measure 41 or 42, you would order a size 44.

    Short / Regular / Long

    5' 4" to 5' 9" - Short
    5' 10" to 6' 1" - Regular
    6' 2" to 6' 4" -Long

    If you are taller than 6'4", contact us for an Extra Long or Extra Extra long.



  • Reviews

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    Best quality jacket for pipers if you can overcome the sticker shock  AndrewtheChurchPiper
    I purchased the Piper Flex Jacket on March 3rd, 2021. After two months I picked up both the Piper Flex Jacket and the Argyll Vest as I chose to purchase both together. Due to hot weather I've only recently begun to use it. Oct. 24th is the first time I got to perform in it. I got many compliments on how nice it looks from other members of the congregation, but my main focus is more the practical side as in does it actually do what it's supposed to? To that the answer is a resounding yes. I found it to be both comfortable as well as functional in equal measure. One of my favorite things about it is the chain assembly they provide with it which keeps the jacket from flopping around when playing, but still keeps it loose enough that you can still breathe in it. My other suit coats I used to wear were very restrictive in terms of movement making piping in them not an option so I'm glad I bought and wore the Piper Flex Jacket instead. I wish I had one of these earlier especially when I became good enough to start performing. Which leads me to the one bad thing about it: the price. At $309.99 (or $399.99 if you decide to add an Argyll Vest to it like I did) it's quite expensive for the piper on a budget. If the price is an issue they do allow you to pay 50% as a down payment and then the other 50% when it arrives. So, if you can afford it, you get what you pay for and that is a quality jacket that looks nice, is functional, is very comfortable, and will last you a long time so long as you take care of it. Overall, I highly recommend it as I will continue to use it with absolutely zero buyer remorse as the Piper Flex Jacket is money well spent! (Posted on 10/27/2021)
    Best jacket for serious piper  SvenskPiper
    I love(d) this jacket... I tried one of my friend had purchased at pleasanton games last year, he being of almost exact body size and shape and size... i asked him where you guys were, and i bought one myself...
    i wore it for saturday and sundays festivities and i was even near to thinking about sleeping in too.... God what a great jacket for playing the pipes;.... i am a little guy, about 5.8/9 and 140 lbs and i have never been able to find a jacket that fit me... i was either forced to find x-large little boys coats or, if i was lucky, a few short and small chested argylls would pop up here and there... well the piper flex was a God send. it made playing my pipes feel like i had been playing for a hundred years... no more cramping and tired fingers and no more hunched over poster! i would finish my sets not red in the face and fatigued. one of my friends once remarked that after i get done playing my bagpipes, wherever it may be, i would always look like a drunk who had just woke up in the afternoon... all bloated and ruddy faced... NOT ANY MORE... this jacket is the ergonomic choice for all serious pipers and those who want to better the aesthetic as well as technical side of their playing... my stint with the piper flex was short lived tho, cuz whilst at massed bands, i left it by my case, like everyone else does when we all trudge off and play for the crowds... well someone must have tried on mine too and liked it enough that he, or she, decided to take it home with him/her.... I know, what a great way to end the weekend... it's been almost a year since i wore that jacket and if my budget wasn't so tight, i would have replaced it a while ago... i miss ma baby, lol, well no, it's pretty lame... now i just forgo the whole jacket-wearing aspect altogether... in favore of just a button up or a waistcoat to accompany it... maybe one day i will be able to get this jacket again,,, who knows, maybe the version you guys make now is even better... i dunno...

    bottom line: superb job and well executed - every piper who is serious about playing, regardless of age or level of expertise should own one of these! (Posted on 10/14/2014)

    2 Item(s)

    per page

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  • Buyers Guide

    PLEASE NOTE:  Our jackets are made in the UK and tend to run a bit snug.  If you normally wear a suit size 44 Reg, order a 46 Reg.  If you wear a 48 Long, order a 50 Long.


    Formality of Jacket Styles Guide:

    There are several different styles of jackets (and vests) which span the scale from daywear to formal.  This is a quick guide to our jackets and their appropriate level of dress.

    Prince Charlie jacket and vest:

    The Prince Charlie jacket and vest (also known as a PC Jacket) is worn for formal (black tie) events.  In your mind, equate this jacket to a ‘tuxedo’ type outfit.  Places you’d wear a tuxedo, a PC would be appropriate.

    Argyll jacket (with or without vest):

    This is one of the more versatile jackets.  It’s a bit dressier than a Tweed jacket and less formal than a PC.  In a situation calling for khakis and a blazer, the jacket (no vest) could be worn with the kilt and not be overdressed.  When worn with the vest, the outfit could be worn in place of a ‘nice suit’.  Also, the vest provides a bit of versatility in itself… you can wear it alone with a shirt and tie or leave off the tie and roll up your sleeves for a casual dressy look.

    Tweed jacket (with or without vest):

    Very similar in cut and style to the Argyll, this jacket and vest is made from tweed cloth, giving it a little bit of an ‘earthy’ or ‘natural’ feel.  In Scotland, it’s still often worn to dressy functions (much like the Argyll), but here in America, we often relegate tweed jackets to ‘daywear’.  That NEED NOT be the case.  If you’re going to be a guest at a wedding, you would look perfectly fine in a tweed jacket and vest.

    Brian Boru jacket and vest:

    The Brian Boru jacket and vest is effectively the Irish equivalent of a Prince Charlie (see above)… it is worn for formal (black tie) events.  In your mind, equate this jacket to a ‘tuxedo’ type outfit.  Places you’d wear a tuxedo, you can wear a Brian Boru.

    Kilkenny jacket (with or without vest):

    The Kilkenny jacket and / or vest is effectively the Irish equivalent of an Argyll (see above).  In a situation calling for khakis and a blazer, the jacket (no vest) could be worn with the kilt and not be overdressed.  When worn with the vest, the outfit could be worn in place of a ‘nice suit’.  Also, the vest provides a bit of versatility in itself… you can wear it alone with a shirt and tie or leave off the tie and roll up your sleeves for a casual dressy look.

    Welsh Prince Charlie jacket and vest:

    The Welsh PC jacket and vest are similar to their Scottish Prince Charlie counterpart, but differ in the details… they have gold buttons (not silver), red dragons embroidered on the epaulette and come with or without Welsh tartan accents.  Like the Scottish PC jacket, they are worn for formal (black tie) events.  In your mind, equate this jacket to a ‘tuxedo’ outfit.  Places you’d wear a Tuxedo, you can wear a Welsh PC.

    The Doublet:

    These are worn mostly by pipe bands and military organizations for formal dress.  They would be worn in place of a military dress outfit.

  • Product Specs

  • Fun Facts

  • Availability

    This item is custom made in Scotland and will take roughly 8 weeks to ship.

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