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Not for the meek! Over-sized, rugged knotwork kilt pin shaped like a Viking battle axe!
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Carved with the highest attention to detail, USA Kilts is pleased to introduce our biggest (and maybe most badass) kilt pin to date - our Nordic Axe Kilt Pin.

To warriors of old, especially the Vikings, the battle axe was a powerful weapon as well as a symbol of strength. It was actually far more common than the sword since it was easier and cheaper to make -- a fearsome everyman's weapon. The axe also presented several advantages in combat such as the ability to hook shields and legs. It could penetrate the armor of the time. And even if the blade didn't cut into you, the sheer force of impact would take you down! No wonder the axe was a weapon of choice from the bronze age to the Viking age and even into the Rennaisance.

Our design is based on Nordic single-handed axes and Viking-age knotwork as seen on rune stones, not to mention a dash of modern fantasy. This is our LARGEST kilt pin yet coming in at 4.25" tall x 1.75" wide. This pin makes a serious statement!

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