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These cotton kilt hose are the most comfortable pair you'll ever wear in the summer heat!
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Our 100% cotton kilt hose are THE most comfortable non wool kilt socks around!

Knit right here in the good ole US of A., they are perfect to wear outdoors in the summer heat. Ideal for bagpipers and highland athletes or anyone at a parade, concert, Celtic festival or Highland games. They may be the most comfortable kilt hose you'll ever wear!

Are these hypoallergenic kilt hose?

Yup! These are real non wool kilt hose -- not itchy for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic for those with an allergy to wool.  And they look good to boot!  

Can I get colored cotton kilt hose? Or just cream?

Our Cotton Hose come in 4 colors.  The cream, black and bottle-green hose all feature a diamond pattern on the leg and cuff.  The oatmeal-colored cotton hose feature a simple ribbed pattern.  

I need kilt hose for big calves / long legs.

Need stretchy kilt hose? These cotton kilt socks are "one size fits most", but since they're cotton and stretchy, "most" really means "most"!  They are extra long, so we recomend turning the tops of the hose down twice for the perfect look (and to add a bit of bulk to skinny calves).  For the taller gent, this also means that you'll have a pair that actually reach the right height on your legs!  You would just opt to turn over the top once, but they won't stop half way up your calves.

The stretch that these hose afford the wearer is another wonderful feature.  If you're a gent with large calves (19" or so), then these hose are for you!  The cuff is wide and can be stretched over a 19" calf with ease, without cutting off circulation to your feet!

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