Chocolate Bronze Fighting Stags Kilt Belt Buckle


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Exclusive Fighting Stags Kilt Belt buckle features Celtic knot work and Trinity knots.
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This buckle was designed by USA Kilts and is part of our exclusive product range. It started with a concept drawing, done on a piece of scrap paper. From there, we hired an artist to properly sketch out our designs and then had a sculptor bring our design to life by hand sculpting a 3D clay rendering, from which our master mold was cast. From the initial concept drawings through the clay model to the final casting, we worked closely with the artists and the pewter mill to ensure these buckles are made to the highest quality standards. This buckle, in our biased opinion, is a piece of wearable art.

This hearty buckle measures 3" tall by 4.5" wide and features two stags, locked in combat. The buckle is adorned with a Celtic knot work border and 4 trinity knots at the corners. This high relief buckle is sure to be the perfect addition to any kilt outfit.

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