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The Pub Package is a casual package with a traditional kilt
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Celtic Artisan Guarantee

The USA Kilts Great Kilt Package gives you the chance to be well outfitted for a festival, faire or other 'period event' and save 10%! The package includes:

1 Great Kilt
1 Shirt
1 Plaid Brooch
1 Kilt Belt
1 Kilt Belt Buckle
1 Sporran
1 Kilt Pin
1 Pair of Hose
1 Set of Flashes

The package price is determined by any 'upgrades' you choose above the basic package and includes 10% off the standard retail prices!

Please note that all the items on our site are made in the UK, USA or Ireland.  We proudly support the culture we're promoting by offering our Celtic Artisan Guarantee.

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