Who We Are


Rocky R.
Owner & Kiltmaker
Rocky is one of the owners and helped to found the company in 2003. He is a jack of all trades here at the shop, doing anything and everything to keep the company moving forward. From calling suppliers in the UK to answering customer emails, from photo shoots to making kilts, he makes sure things stay on track.


Kelly R.
Owner & Kiltmaker
Kelly is one of the owners and helped to establish the company in 2003. Kelly is our buyer of women's goods and is also the designer (and maker) of our mini kilt model. She is customer focused, has an upbeat personality and assists customers in our store with a smile when she's not making kilts.



Mac M.
Production Manager & Kiltmaker
Mac has worked his way up through the ranks at USA Kilts since he started here in the Summer of 2008. Mac manages our production schedule and makes sure that all our kilts go out on time. Aside from his duties managing the kilt making department, he also makes our 5 Yard Wool and Premier 8 Yard kilts.


Ian A.
Ian started here in the Fall of 2013 and has quickly mastered production of both our Casual and Semi Traditional kilt models. Quick with a joke (or a bad pun), he keeps our production room lively. He's a natural born kiltmaker and we're lucky to have him work with us.



Brendan R.
Brendan came to USA Kilts in the Summer of 2014 and has shown consistency and quality in his work from day one. He's currently our main Casual Kilt maker, handling both custom kilts and "stock size" kilts with ease.


Sue S.
Women's Wear Advisor
Sue has been the smiling face at the front counter of USA Kilts since our expansion in 2006. She is Kelly's mother and Rocky's mother-in-law, so when we say USA Kilts is a family business, we're not kidding! She's a super lady who is patient with customers and quick with a glue gun.



Eric M.
Highland Wear Advisor Eric came to work with us in the Fall of 2011 when we expanded to our larger storefront. His love of kilts and Celtic culture made him a natural choice for a store associate as a Highland Wear Specialist. He has a knack for listening to customers and guiding them (and instructing them where needed) in the process of picking out their tartan or accessories. If you call us or stop by the store, there's a good chance Eric will assist you.


Lucas M.
Bagpipe Specialist and Highland Wear Advisor
Lucas has been a customer since we made his first kilt at age 12 in 2004, when he started playing the bagpipes. After finishing college in 2013 with a major in music, he joined our team as our resident Bagpipe Specialist and Highland Wear Expert. Quick with a joke and a smile, he's the newest, friendly face in our store. If you're looking for advice on a kilt or on a set of pipes, he's here to help.



Rob S.
Computer Guru
Rob came to USA Kilts in 2009 as our part time web guy and has since joined the team full time. His love of kilts brought him to us as a customer, but his knowledge of computers and website design made him a natural choice for our Computer Guru. We're lucky to have a talented staff member who excels in all areas of web design, cyber security, and general I.T. duties.




Our mission is to educate and guide our customers, helping them to honor and represent their Celtic heritage properly and proudly.


At USA Kilts, our dedication to setting the bar high began when our company was establihed in 2003.  Today, these core principles remain the pillars our company rests upon:
1.  Speed:  When an item is in stock, we ship it out within 24 hours. We keep our custom order turnaround time to a minimum and we offer a "rush option" on kilts. We aim to get your product to you as quickly as possible. If there's an issue with availability of a product or our stated timeframe, we’ll inform you within 24 hours of your order being placed.
2.  Communication:  We make it a goal to reply to all email inquiries, within 12 hours. Our knowledgeable staff answers questions on our toll free number during business hours (and often before or after hours). If you have a question about a product, we'll take time to answer it personally, because your questions are important. 
3.  Value:  When you buy from us, you can rest assured knowing that we offer the best quality products we can find for a reasonable price. We won't carry "cheap" items you'll have to replace in a few months. As kilt wearers, we test all the product lines we carry before selling them to customers. 
4.  Customer Service:  Simply put, we treat customers the way we’d like to be treated. We want you to have a flawless shopping experience with us so that you spread the word about USA Kilts. If that means double checking a kilt length that seems short before starting a kilt, we’ll give you a call. If we have to mail out a button because your vest lost one after 2 years, we’ll pop it in the mail that day. We aim to build a loyal customer base through personal & exceptional service.   
5.  Truth & Accuracy:  We strive to make sure our product descriptions accurately describe our products and our pictures are detailed enough to show you what the product really looks like. We feel that the easiest way for us to make sure our customers enjoy our products is to be accurate in our descriptions and honest about their attributes. We want our customers to understand exactly what they are purchasing so that they are happy with the product they receive.

We aim to be the best kilt company there is, bar none.  If you have a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please let us know!