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The Kilts & Culture motto: Don't be a Jerk.
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This kilt pins is designed for ANYONE to wear.  It was created by Rocky Roeger, in response to member requests from the Kilts & Culture Facebook group for a logo / crest to represent the group. This pewter kilt pin is cast in Glasgow, Scotland.

The symbols within our badge:

Motto:  "Don't Be A Jerk" is the motto of the group and our Rule 1.

Hand:  Held forward in a toasting motion, in a symbol of Friendship.  It is also a nod to the way Rocky & Eric end the show with a toast:  slàinte mhath

Drink:  Scotch was chosen as a symbol of both the cultural aspect of the group and our fun and friendly demeanor within the group.  

The motivation behind both our "Kilts & Culture" live Q&A show on Facebook & Youtube and the creation of the Kilts & Culture Facebook group remains: community.  A community where we can explore heritage & fashion.  A community where new kilt wearers can ask questions and be mentored.  A community where all members abide by a very simple rule, which has become our "Clan" motto:  Don't be a Jerk. 

The crest design is Copyright USA Kilts, Inc 2020.

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