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Easy Care "PV" Earasaid! Affordable and washable, this lovely Earasaid (the great kilt for women) is perfect for SCA, LARP, Renn Faire or anytime you want to show Celtic flair!
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A traditional draped garment found in women's’ highland dress. Typically consisting of two to four yards of tartan material wrapped around the waist and/or shoulders, with some left loose for covering the head. The Earasaid was typically pleated around the waist and held in place with a belt, just like a man's great kilt. Often it was also pinned by a brooch at the chest. This utilitarian yet elegant garment came into being in the late 1500's and stayed relatively mainstream until the late 1740's. It emerged from the leine and brat (cloak) that was worn by highland women from the 1300's to 1500's. It was during the early 1500's that the feile mhor (great kilt) or feile breacan (belted plaid) began to emerge and gain popularity among Scottish men. This led to Scottish Highland women designing their own style of belted plaid ... the Earasaid.

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