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Easy Care "PV" Great Kilt! Affordable and washable, this great kilt is perfect for SCA, LARP, Renn Faire or even daily wear.
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A Great Kilt You Can Beat Up!


A Great Kilt (or Feileadh Mòr as it's known in Gaelic) is a long piece of tartan cloth which is hand pleated and wrapped around the user. But in North America, a wool great kilt is not always ideal. USA Kilts provides a wide range of high-quality Poly Viscose tartan directly from the mill in the UK. Now you can have a Great Kilt that is easy to wear and wash at home! It's ideal for SCA, LARP, Renn Faire or even daily wear.

Please note - this includes ONLY the cloth used to make a great kilt. You can purchase the Belt, Sporran, Plaid Brooch and Highland shirt separately, or check out our Great Kilt Package to save on the complete Highlander look you need.

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