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Contemporary and stylish, tweed kilts are great for anyone who wants something a bit different, but sophisticated. Choose from dozens of tweeds for your custom-fit kilt!
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Have you considered a tweed kilt?
Tweed kilts come in two styles - the more common is the classic tweed fabric kilt created from an "estate tweed" or Harris tweed. An invention of the 19th century, the tweed kilt offers a relaxed, rural, yet elegant style of kilt. Tweed kilts are very popular for day wear, weekend events or "casual nice" occasions such as a Burns Supper or Scottish Country Dance event.Newer to the Highland Dress scene is the tartan tweed kilt. These styles are essentially the same as the classic tweed, but the fabric is woven as a tartan, usually in subdued "weathered" tones. There aren't as many tartan tweeds on the market but their popularity is growing rapidly, especially with the Serial Kilter' community.We generally recommend tweed kilts as a second kilt for the gentleman kilt collector -- something casual, fun and comfortable that's a break from your Clan tartan.

This model kilt is constructed from 5 yards (bigger guys may use 6 yards) of the finest worsted wool and tweed woven in the UK. Each kilt is individually tailored to the measurements provided to insure a proper fit. It features a tapered and fringed front apron, approximately 18-28 pleats (.9 to 1" wide) and a 3 buckle closure system. It also comes with 2 belt loops (4 inches tall) on the back of the kilt to accommodate a traditional kilt belt. These solid kilts are for the truly adventurous and fashion forward among us.

We would ask that you measure carefully for our kilts.  Since these are custom-made to fit the measurements provided, you will need to be sure of the exact sizing. We will not refund in the case of mistakes in measuring.  Detailed measuring instructions can be found in the "Measuring Instructions" tab.

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A Traditional kilt is worn higher than your pants, just above the belly button (for larger customers, just above the WIDEST part of your belly).  This is where the top of the kilt will sit.


DO NOT HOLD YOUR STOMACH IN. You’ll only going to get a kilt that's too small.  Just relax and stand "at ease".

Make sure to use a good sewing tape measure. If you don't have a sewing tape measure, you can use a leather belt to measure. Wrap it around you, mark it and then lay it flat on a metal tape measure to get the measurement.


The tape measure should be snug – as snug as you will be wearing the kilt.


*Note: It will probably be 2 to 4 inches more than your pants size. This is common.


*TIP: BIG guys with large bellies may want to wear the kilt around the naval, as it gives a more flattering appearance.



With the same tape measure, measure around the absolute largest part of your rear.


Take this measurement a little LOOSELY. You should be able to slide a finger between the tape measure and your body when you measure.


This is your HIP measurement. In most cases, it's about 4-6 inches larger than the waist measurement.



If possible, it’s best to take this measurement wearing shorts and a form fitting shirt.  There are 3 different ways to measure length:


1) With assistance

2) With bath towel assistance

3) Without assistance


1) Length Measurement with assistance


Stand tall with your back straight. Do NOT look down or bend over as this will change the length measurement. Just stand tall and face forward.


Have the other person measure down the SIDE of your leg. On your side, put the "0" end of the tape measure at the top of where your kilt will be (the same height you took your waist measurement from). Measure from that point down the side of your body to the middle of your knee.


The number on the tape that is right where the bottom edge of the kilt will be is the length.


2) Length Measurement with bath towel assistance


Take a bath towel and FOLD IT so that it is 24" long.


Wear a pair of shorts, so you can see your knees and stand roughly 10 feet back from a full length mirror. Hold the towel up to your waist, putting the top of the towel at the spot you took the waist measurement… just above the belly button.


If the 24" length hits below your knee, shorten the towel by folding another inch or two, so that the bottom edge hits you square in the middle of the kneecap.


If the 24" length hits above your knee, lengthen the towel by unfolding an inch or two, so that the bottom edge hits you square in the middle of the kneecap.


Once you have the top of the towel sitting at the top of where you want to wear the kilt and the bottom edge hitting the middle of your knee, measure the length of the folded towel from the top to the bottom. That will be your kilt length measurement



3) Length measurement without assistance

Kneel on the floor with your back straight. You're going to measure down the SIDE of your leg to the floor.


From the top of where your kilt will be (the same height you took your waist measurement from), measure down the side of your body to the floor down the side of your leg. It's easier to put the "0" end of the tape measure barely touching the floor and the numbered end at the top.


SUBTRACT 1" FROM THIS MEASUREMENT to have the kilt sit at the middle of the knee.


Use the following chart for reference. These are typical height / length measurements.

If you need assistance measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us: 800.368.8633 or [email protected]

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